Sparkles Day Nursery is committed to the health, safety, and the welfare of everyone. This includes your child(ren), our staff, parents, visitors, and anyone who comes to work in our premises, including our contractors.

During the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic staff are making sure we can keep children, staff and parents safe.

We follow strict COVID-19 protocols at all our nursery premises to ensure that we are complying, not only with the legal requirements but our own, higher internal hygiene, safety and health standards. We have provided extra facilities for hand washing and sanitising to children, staff and visitors. Staff are encouraged to use some personal protection equipment including face shields and gloves.

Please be assured that protecting and safeguarding all the children in our care is our top priority and that’s why at Sparkles Day Nursery, we see it as part of our commitment to best practice, to deliver outstanding care to all our children, as well as protecting staff, parents and visitors.